Our story so far

It all started in 1996 when a group of people, led by a church-planting team from the US, began meeting in the North Shore Events Centre. They were small in number, but knew what they were about—helping people discover a faith in Jesus that is real, deep and relevant. 

As numbers grew, Shore Community Christian Church was launched on April 5, 1998 at Kristen School, Albany. An independent evangelical church, it coupled a contemporary style with a focus on Bible-based teaching. 

Shore has gathered in several venues over the years, but our purpose remains the same—loving God, loving each other, loving the world. In 2009 we shortened our name to Shore Community Church, reflecting our focus on building community internally and serving our communities externally. Together we are seeking to live out the gospel of Jesus authentically in a post-modern, post-Christian culture. We do this in the context of community because the way of Jesus is relational.

Looking to the future, our vision is to be a faith community that is grounded in Scripture, centred on Jesus, shaped by the gospel, 

devoted to one another, conversant with our culture, engaged in our communities and lead by the Spirit of God. It’s been a great journey so far and we are trusting God for what is yet to come.

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