Christ in our Community

As a part of being Christ in our Community, we want to use our Relief Fund to respond to the financial needs that many in our community are facing during lockdown.

We invite our church family to nominate people they know who have a financial need to receive a $100 supermarket voucher.
The financial needs may be because of:
  • Job loss
  • Job cut-back due to lockdown
  • Other financial strain.

This is a no-questions-asked project – we trust you to nominate people in need.

How Does This Work?

1. Is there someone that you know that is in financial need?

2. Decide if you would like to deliver a food voucher to the person yourself, or if you like someone from church to deliver it on your behalf.   Along with the voucher there will a church flyer indicating who the gift is from. 

3. Nominate someone by sending an email to Randall ( who will liaise with you and get all the necessary details.

The $100 food voucher is an automatic gift, however  the Relief Fund can also  provide for additional needs.  Please see the [Relief Fund] website for more details.

Note:  All deliveries of vouchers will be contactless and follow the COVID guidelines [

You Can Help Us! 

We are dependant upon donations in order to continue helping those in the community. All funds go directly to assisting those in need. If you would like to donate to the Relief Fund please make a Direct deposit to: 12-3136-0286275-01, ‘Relief Fund’.