A church community is like a human body. In a healthy body, each part is connected and is working properly to help strengthen the whole person.

That’s why we encourage every person at Shore to serve in at least one area of organised ministry through the church. There are a range of ministry opportunities through Shore to suit different interests, strengths and passions.

To find out more about serving opportunities at Shore and get involved, contact the church office:

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We ask all those who make Shore Community their church home to partner financially with the church. This means deciding on a portion of your income that you will contribute to the church and setting up a system to give this money faithfully over the course of each year.

You can give financial gifts to the church anytime, into any of the funds below:

General giving:
a/c#: 12-3026-0062131-00

Property fund (for capital development):
a/c#: 12-3026-0062131-52

Teaching resources (funds the distribution of Shore’s teaching resources beyond the church):
a/c#: 12-3026-0062131-01

Note: The account name is Shore Community Church Trust for the above accounts.

Shore Community Trust (funds ministries serving our local communities):
a/c# 12-3136-0286275-00

Relief fund: (a compassion fund to help those in financial distress, both inside and outside the church)
a/c#: 12-3136-0286275-01

Note: The account name is Shore Community Trust for the above accounts.