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Did Jesus Exist?

Sunday, 14th October 2018
Speaker: Dr Adam Claasen

Historical evidence for the existence of Jesus

Brokenness and Hope (Gen 3:14-24)

Sunday, 7th October 2018
Speaker: Reuben Munn

The curse of sin extends to the furthers corners of the universe, and the darkest crevices of the human soul. But there is hope.

Paradise Lost (Gen 3:1-13)

Sunday, 16th September 2018
Speaker: Reuben Munn

One small bite for the first man and woman, one giant disaster for mankind.

Allies (Gen 2:18-25)

Sunday, 9th September 2018
Speaker: Reuben Munn

In this passage we find the origins of sexuality, gender relations and marriage.

How will the next generation know?

Sunday, 2nd September 2018
Speaker: Michael Hanson

We are called to pass our faith on to the next generation so they may come to worship the God we serve.

Sacred Work (Gen 2:4-17)

Sunday, 26th August 2018
Speaker: Reuben Munn

Work is a good and sacred thing and is part of God’s original purpose for human beings.

Rest (Gen 2:1-3)

Sunday, 19th August 2018
Speaker: Reuben Munn

God’s rest is not about relaxing but ruling, and this is foundational for what it means for us to take a day of rest.

Imago Dei (Gen 1:26-31)

Sunday, 12th August 2018
Speaker: Reuben Munn

The image of God is not a quality or attribute, but a set of relationships that define what it means to be human.

Sacred Space (Gen 1:14-25)

Sunday, 5th August 2018
Speaker: Reuben Munn

Seeing creation as a cosmic temple has implications for how we treat creation and how we encounter God's presence in the world.

Let There Be Life (Gen 1:2-13)

Sunday, 29th July 2018
Speaker: Reuben Munn

Just as God’s Spirit brought life out of chaos in the beginning, he continues to do the same in our lives today.
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