On Eagles Wings: A Journey Through Isaiah

In 2020 we will journey together through the book of Isaiah. This colossal book of Scripture is sometimes called the ‘fifth gospel’ because it points so powerfully toward the coming of Jesus and his role in God’s redemptive story. But Isaiah also speaks profoundly into our world and our lives today—addressing our fears, hopes insecurities and longings with words of God’s providence and peace. 

To help you get the most out of this journey, there are several avenues to engage with the series beyond Sunday mornings. Reading plans, discussion podcasts, study sheets and videos are all available. 

Study Resources

Week 1: Isaiah Introduction (Isa 1:1)  [Study Sheet] [Presentation]

Week 2: The Gospel According to Isaiah (Isa 1:2-20)  [Study Sheet] [Presentation]

Week 3: The Day of the Lord (Isa 2:1-22) [Study Sheet] [Presentation]

Week 4: Sour Grapes (Isa 5:1-7) [Study Sheet] [Presentation]

Week 5: Holy, Holy, Holy (Isa 6:1-7) [Study Sheet] [Presentation]

Week 6: Trusting God (Isa 7:1-17) [Study Sheet] [Presentation]

Week 7: The Coming King (Isa 9:1-7) [Study Sheet] [Presentation]

Reading Plan

Click [here] to download the daily reading plan from ReadScripture.

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